The Rebuild

Yes that’s 2016 Olympic Gold medalist Mo Farah, but who’s that interviewing him?

Let me introduce Jo Ankier, a retired international steeplechaser, achieving her life goals in Rio.

Read a little bit about my thoughts on the rebuild process and a special friend I have taken a lot of inspiration from.

I’ve returned home to England after a two year hiatus. Last time I was here I walked through, what was left of my parents home. A house fire had wiped through the entirety of the building, what wasn’t struck by flames, was melted by heat. Everyone was safe, but my mum and her husband lost many things they loved.

Two weeks ago I arrived at their new home, the rebuild. It was a familiar feeling with the same framework and layout, but everything was a little different.
Where stood a lived in, very comfortable household full of memories, now stood minimalism, fun bathroom wallpaper and beautifully curated renovation.
They adapted to new styles, and designed a home for their current  lives, ready for new memories to be made.
Throughout life you go through moments that will test you, confuse you and strain your patience, but time and time again we witness friends, family, teammates and ourselves find the strength to rebuild. The rebuild phase comes with it’s own challenges and need for inner belief, giving and receiving of support, and most importantly, motivation.
If you feel like you are starting from scratch, you have a blank canvas to set new goals and create the life you want.

During your twenties can be a prime time for road blocks and I’ve realized that the best way to understand which direction you’re going next, is to let it flow. I used to be that girl who wanted to overcome all odds and push back against resistance as a source of accomplishment.
When I did break through all barriers in my way and accomplish/ or not, whatever the end goal was, I realized I missed some of the enjoyment of the journey along the way.

Living in a desperate attempt to reach that end goal sometimes works, it happens all the time, but it comes with stress, anxiety and worry about the future.

Another option is living in the present, do what you can control on a daily basis, and let the rest flow.
I have seen so many rebuilds and comebacks from many in our sport.

This is one lady who has really inspired mine.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 22: Joanna Ankier of England competes during the women's Steeplechase final at the athletics during day seven of the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on March 22, 2006 in Melbourne, Australia. Dorcus Inzikuru of Uganda won gold, Melissa Rollison of Australia won silver and Donna MacFarlane of Australia won bronze. (Photo by Mark Dadswell/Getty Images)

Jo Ankier competed internationally in World championship events alongside a budding broadcasting career at Sky Sports in London. She was 3rd across the line in the 2008 British Olympic Trials. She had already secured the Olympic Qualifying time, yet the British Athletics entry standards set a subjective third place spot on the Olympic team. After years of hard work, earning her spot with the standard needed and a third place finish, her fate was left up to the selection panel. Jo was disappointingly left off the plane to Athens, at 28, she almost immediately retired from professional sport.

Her Rebuild:




Hard at work behind the scenes in London and now LA with ESPN. She’s been working her tush off at all her other passions. This Olympic Games, on her birthday, Jo presented a LIVE broadcast at the opening ceremony to multiple countries, securing one of her major life goals. She has been following the US gymnastics team the last few days and will be popping up on ESPN athletics in various events over the games. Jo isn’t just athletically and commercially talented, she’s also an exceptional cellist and performed at Bonnaroo music festival this year, a member of the Chase d’Ardaud Band (yes that’s the Atlanta Braves infielder. oooo La la)




An all around super star and amazing person, she’s fiercely independent and goes after what she loves. Her goal has always been to perform at the Olympics, well she sure reached it!

A perfect reality check that anything is possible if you want it enough.


Instagram: @joankier

Check out her behind the scenes experience at the Games

Check out her recent article ‘Sporty But Feminine… C’est Possible’ 




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