Erin Bedell’s Top 5 Strength Tips for Distance Runners


Erin gives us her top 5 strength tips designed for distance runners!

Working on your strength foundations can help with efficient biomechanics, durability and injury prevention. There are lots of areas to work on but it’s always good to start with your trunk and hips. They stabilize the whole body and can make a huge difference to your performance.

1) CORE CORE CORE: Core is where all your power comes from. Without a strong core you are trying to build a pyramid upside down. eventually it will tip.

2) GLUTES: Don’t have a hibernating hiney! Glutes are the driving force and the way to sprint home. Dead lifts, RDL’s single or double leg, simple back squats and lunges are all power moves to strengthen glutes.

3) HIP MOBILITY AND STRENGTH: Simple and strategic exercises to help strengthen the hip flexor complex in all three planes of movement will help your form stay in tact during the homestretch.

4) UPPER BODY STRENGTH especially posterior. Many runners have the forward lean rolled over shoulders problem. upper body work with an emphasis on posterior muscles will help with form and strength in driving your energy forward.

5) LAST POINT: Strength training will not bulk you up when done properly. Adding a bit of lean mass to help prevent injury while also creating power outweighs the fear of ‘bulking’.

So there we have it folks! Some great strength tips, specifically for runners from an accomplished college and pro athlete who now specializes in the strength and conditioning world. Thanks Erin!


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