Mr January- Ford Palmer

Belle Lap has carefully selected some of the finest bachelors in distance running. Each month we will be shooting one of them some awkward dating questions…

Name: Ford Palmer
Location: New Jersey
Age: 25
Job: Professional Runner for Hoka One One 
Instagram/Twitter: @gofordpalmer

Ford graduated from Monmouth University in 2013. He was originally a football player (oooo…muscles) that transitioned to Track and Field, and has already made a statement coming in 5th at the 2014 USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships. Ford is currently a New Jersey – New York Track Club member, training with Coach Frank Gagliano.

BL: What does a romantic night look like to you?
FP:  Simple dinner without a movie. Movies avert the attention away from hanging out. I prefer dinner at a low key place like sushi or thai food. Although I’m vegan, I can always find something to eat.


BL: Half tights or short shorts?
FP:  Half tights

Favorite pick up lines/ tactics:
FP: I’m a loser, I don’t have any pick up lines or tactics. I usually say Hi and see how that goes. Keep the attention on the girl and see what shes all about rather than talking about myself.

BL: Running clothes on a date…yes or no?
FP:  No way unless our run is a date which has been a thing in the past.

BL: What would you make ‘your sweetie’ for breakfast?
FPI’m a pro at making oatmeal. Being a vegan, it’s what I make for breakfast every morning. I would cook old fashioned oats on the stove then chop a banana in a bowl and add a scoop of chunky peanut butter. Top it off with a squirt of honey and some granola.


BL: Do you get speed goggles?
FP: I admittedly do get speed goggles. Or do the good looking girls tend to be fast runners also?

BL: Running shoes with jeans…yes or no?
FPNo way! I despise running shoes with jeans although I wear Hokas from time to time at casual running events.

BL: What’s the key to your heart?
FP: Someone who isn’t too picky and can go with the flow. Women who need an organized schedule would have trouble with me. I enjoy going on spontaneous adventures so travelling is huge.


BL: How do you feel about going to the gym with your girl?
FP: I enjoy going to the gym with my girl as long as she doesn’t out lift me.

BL: So, you’re running with your girl and she rolls her ankle, what do you do?
FP: I’ll laugh really hard if I see it happen but I would of course help my girl out. I roll my ankle at least once a week so I understand the pain.


BL: Craziest thing you’ve done for ‘love’:
FP: Hmm, I’ve honestly done some pretty crazy stuff for my past girlfriends. It was rumored in high school that I got my girlfriend a puppy for her birthday. It wasn’t true.
The sweetest thing I’ve done was make an elaborate birthday card made out of construction paper. The card ended up being a book describing our best memories together. I also did something similar a few years later and made a picture collage of us with a painted frame.

BL: What would be a date deal breaker for you?
FP: If we were out to dinner, chewing with your mouth open and mainly talking about running. I live with six runners and running is the main topic of conversation. Having a girlfriend who isn’t obsessed with running is a huge plus, gives me an escape from my house and my “occupation”.


BL: Celeb Crush:
FP: This may be uncommon but I had a huge crush on Eva Green for a while. My crush started from the movie Perfect Sense. If you haven’t heard of it, go watch it!



Check out Ford’s Twitter Instagram & Facebook

Following his journey to the Olympics and beyond.

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