Geena Gall’s Goals

The fabulous 800m Olympian Geena Gall who represents Team Run Eugene has some fierce and amazing goals this year.  Be inspired by her track and personal goals and get some tips on how to achieve your own personal 2016 goals. 



Make the 2016 Olympics in the 800m: I need to do the little things on a daily basis, being professional and smart in everything I do in training and during the day while recovering. I need to race at the right meets, making sure I hit the times I need to run in order to qualify for the Olympics by the end of May, early June at Oxy and the Pre Classic.

Make the 2016 World Indoor Championships in the 800m: The indoor track season is so short, so you really need to have a great base of Fall training. December is a very crucial month because you need to start incorporating speed workouts and race specific paces. I’ve never made a World team for Indoors so has always been a goal of mine.


Win a USA 800m Championship: I have always wanted to be the US Champion in the 800m. I have won nationals at every level – high school and college- except the Senior level. This would complete the trifecta for my running career.

Run 1:59 or faster: Breaking the 2:00 minute barrier was a huge accomplishment; but once I ran 1:59 in 2011, it felt very easy for me. My PR is 1:59.24 and I know I can run a lot faster than that! To make the Olympics this year, I know it will take 1:59 or faster to do so.

Run 4:09 or faster in the 1500m: My PR is 4:09.99, but my coaches have told me they believe I can run 4:07. I typically don’t focus on this event during my season, only a few times, so to actually put myself in a fast 1500m, I know I can hold on to run sub 4:09!

Run in more Diamond League Meets: These are the top meets in the World and to be included in the elite field of 8 for the 800m, I would have the opportunity to run really fast. I have raced in only 4 Diamond League meets in my career: Prefontaine, Adidas GP in NYC, Birmingham, and Crystal Palace in London. I have always wanted to compete in Monaco, Paris, Rome, and Lausanne.
Be undefeated: This is always everyone’s goal in every season. If you win races, fast times will come. Winning is always the main objective.


Become a better athlete and person: I hope to always learn from my mistakes, grow as an individual, and change the negative things in my life. This is the true meaning of maturity and personal growth.

Find the positive in everything: I don’t always see the glass half full, so changing my perspective and outlook in life to a more positive light, will help make my life so much better.

Make an impact in this life: Paying it forward is something I learned in high school and have tried to do so every year I’ve been alive. Whether it is volunteering my time to help build a home for Habitat for Humanity, or feeding the homeless at a local food shelter, to working with a youth running program like Girls on the Run. I know that I am very blessed and have had a great life, but helping others and seeing them happy is what life is all about. I always say that I want to inspire and help the future generation of Olympians!

Smile all the time: Smiling is contagious and people have always told me that my smile is infectious and nice to see. I have read that you can trick your state of mind when you’re sad or upset to happy just by smiling. So smile on!

Embrace the new journey ahead of me past my professional running career: The hardest thing for me will be my life after running, competitions, and training full time. Most of my life has been dedicated to sports and training. Since 2005, I have been 100% focused and dedicated to running. Luckily, I have a degree from the University of Michigan and a great job in the Oregon State Athletic Department, so I am prepared for life after running. After 2016, I am ready and excited to retire from the sport I love so much. However, I will miss it since it was a huge part of my life since high school. The next part of my life will be just as exciting and I know running will always be a part of me and a part of my life and future.

Embrace motherhood: I want to eventually have children and a family of my own one day with my future husband. I have put off having a baby and the idea of motherhood for my own personal, selfish reasons. Training for the Olympics has been always been my priority, so after this year, it will be very different to think of having a child. I will be 30 years old in 2017 and I have accomplished all of my goals in track and running so I am content with moving on in my life. Plus, I want to have a girl so I can see how good she will be as a runner one day 😉

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Geena’s confidence, determination and positive attitude are huge attributes to her success, let’s all get after it like Gi Gi does.


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