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    The F.L.Y movement

    It’s Mental Health Month and today we have a fab interview with Megan Marshall, who previously ran for Penn State and Jody Whipple, a dietician with focus on disordered eating. They’re currently using…

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    Q&A with PhD student Jenny Higgins

    Photo: Ian Dobson Jenny Higgins Graduated with a 1st class honours BSc in Sport and Exercise Science (University of Limerick). She is currently working towards her PhD in the Department of Physical…

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    The Female Athlete Triad Facts

    The Female athlete triad is the cycle of disordered eating, lack of menstrual cycle, leading to poor bone health. It is commonly seen in distance running and many times it can cause career…

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    The Art of Cross-Training

    If you ask any athlete where they learned the most about life, oftentimes you will hear that it didn’t come from the moments when all was going peachy. Hardships make you stronger,…

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    The Importance of Recovery

    The benefits of training are only partially down to the physical workload. Another huge aspect of training that directly impacts any future success is recovery. Training your body to recover in the…

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    Recovery with Genevieve LaCaze

     Olympian Genevieve Lacaze represents Team New Balance and Melbourne Track Club. Find out her daily routine to refuel, recharge, and recover between workouts and races.…