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Our content is created for those that want to strive for greatness, overcome adversity and seek a positive mindset. We cover everything from feminine issues, nutrition guidance, tips directly from professional females, and lifestyle advice through the lens of many international runners. We promise to feature inspirational, honest, and authentic running related content and aim to help you discover your best self.

Belle Lap is here to empower, inspire, and send you on your own beautiful journey, stretching your capabilities in running and in life.



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Hello Runner Belles! If you have made it this far, I’m sending you a wonderful warm welcome. Let me fill you in on a bit of background about myself and why I started Belle Lap.

I graduated college and entered the professional world of track and field five years ago. I have built a personal and professional support system of amazing friends and teammates who keep my heart full.


Like most things in life, my path to get to where I’m currently sitting has not been all that smooth.  With age, I have learned so much about track, my body, my mind, and chasing my dreams. I have been chasing some pretty big goals for fifteen years now and have experienced several detours along the way. 

During the time I’ve spent with other pro runners, I’ve discovered that every one of them has also been on a similar long and winding road to success. Like myself, through the ups and downs of the sport we have been educated through the many years of blood, sweat, and tears. 

I am the first to admit I’m not a ‘writer’ – nor am I trying to be…I started Belle Lap with a purpose to explore the many layers of being a female distance runner. I have since developed it into a space to inform, inspire and share experience and stories from runners all over the globe.

As I currently train for the Rio Olympics and everything else that comes with that story, Belle Lap provides me with the perfect work-life balance. I’m able tap into my creative side, and gain insight and perspective into the lives of people whom inspire me. I still go through the highs and lows of being a runner, but I have found that embracing my passions parallel to track creates and maintains a positive outlook. I still have so much I want to achieve, both on and off the track and I’m excited to continue on this journey, always striving to stretch my capabilities and bring a strong energy to everything I do.

-Charlotte xox

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Check out this blog post I wrote last year with a little about my journey


Photograph by: Jason Suarez @NOTAFRAID2FAIL


 Team Run Eugene



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