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June 2016

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    Chasing Perfection

    I am not the first to experience heartbreak this Olympic year, and I’m sure to not be the last. Everyone’s journey is unique to them and the internal battles heal at different…

  • Lifestyle

    Roll Recovery News- Revenue Sharing Model

    Many of the major sports have a revenue sharing model for the athletes. To show our appreciation to the athletes that have been paramount to our growth and success, and bring attention…

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    Guest Blog Entry

    Photo:  Nick Isabella – I admire Shannon as an incredible athlete, but more importantly as a wonderful person. Her ‘down to earth’ nature, loyal and very kind persona have made her…

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    My New PB by Nicole Sifuentes

    Another  amazing blog post by Olympian Nicole Sifuentes, she blogs about her race at the Furman Elite 1500m and why it held a special place in her heart!…