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June 2016


Chasing Perfection


I am not the first to experience heartbreak this Olympic year, and I’m sure to not be the last. Everyone’s journey is unique to them and the internal battles heal at different rates. I used to think that the only way to feel better was to be back out there racing again, but as I’ve discovered, for me, this is not the case. As much as I love to race, I have recently found new ways to heal.


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Roll Recovery News- Revenue Sharing Model


Many of the major sports have a revenue sharing model for the athletes. To show our appreciation to the athletes that have been paramount to our growth and success, and bring attention to a worthy cause, ROLL Recovery will use a revenue sharing model based on a customer’s sale and desire to support a particular Olympic Trials Track and Field athlete. 50% of a sale from will go to a customer’s selected athlete. Simply add the athlete’s name you’d like to support in the Support Athlete Box


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Guest Blog Entry


Photo:  Nick Isabella –

I admire Shannon as an incredible athlete, but more importantly as a wonderful person. Her ‘down to earth’ nature, loyal and very kind persona have made her a great teammate, training partner, teacher, and friend to many, throughout her career.

On the track, Shannon shows grit, determination, resilience and pride. Her passion for the sport oozes out of her performances and she regularly lands herself in super competitive USA 800m championship finals, slicing down her PR and winning races.

Shannon’s journey in the sport isn’t as obvious as it may seem from her results. She has overcome numerous adversities, whether they’re injury, circumstance, funding cuts or extremely heavy workloads. Most recently, she won the Saint Louis Festival of Miles, Elite 800m. The reality is that Shannon barely ran the three weeks prior, but as a home town favorite, could not turn down the opportunity to compete in her last year racing the event. 

Through these highs and lows, she has always found her way to the start line because her love for the sport is a constant in her life. Through confusion, classwork and chaos,  her gut feeling of intuition has encouraged her to get back out there, to keep going on her dream, a dream that she feels so grateful to pursue. Thank you Shannon, for sharing your wisdom and inspiration!

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